Top Osaka Tourist Attractions 2016

Osaka - Dotonbori
This post is a brief look into the top Osaka tourist attractions that I had visited during my 2016 trip. I’ve ordered them from my favorite to least favorite attraction.

Universal Studio Japan
Universal Studios Japan English website
Like the Universal Studios in California and Florida, there are a lot of the same attractions. Amity Village – Jaws, Jurassic Park, New York – Spider-Man and Terminator, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The attractions that make Universal Studios Japan worth a visit are the Snoopy Studios, the Space Fantasy roller coaster that is only at this location, and the newly built 2017 Minion Park.
universal (3)universaluniversal (1)universal (2)

HEP Five (Hankyu Entertainment Park)
HEP Five English website

A nine-story building that holds about 170 shops, a floor of restaurants, and games and amusement on the 8th and 9th floor at Joypolis. Not to mention the giant red Ferris Wheel located on the 7th floor that you can spot from afar. A nice little mall to checkout if you’re in the area.
BeFunkyPhoto - HEP (2)BeFunkyPhoto - HEP (3)BeFunkyPhoto

Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle English website
The grounds surrounding the castle is a nice place to walk around before heading to the castle. Check out the food trucks and shops lining the park sidewalks. The castle holds inside it’s walls figurines, historical information, a museum gift shop, war visuals, an observatory deck, and more. The biggest downside, everything is in Japanese. If you don’t have time to travel, Osaka Castle is a recommended landmark and a nice little castle to visit.
BeFunkyPhoto - Osaka Castle (2)BeFunkyPhoto - Osaka CastleBeFunkyPhoto - Osaka Castle (1)


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